Site work @Peter Strauss Ranch, Santa Monica Mountains

May 20, 2016

“Enchantment” is a temporal site-based outdoor art exhibition at Peter Strauss Ranch in Aguora Hills / Curated by Patricia Watts of ecoartspace.
Artists: Ben Allanoff, Faith Purvey, Karen Reitzel, and performance by Raheleh Zomorodinia.
Opens Sunday June 5th with artist talk at 2pm; closing performance September 10th at 4pm

‘I have created a central path through the terraced hillside across from the pool, alluding to the rising stair path found on various Mayan temples. Ascending the triangular-shaped area toward the top of the hill, participants are invited to enter a perceptual shift of the mind and to experience a meditative vantage space. I am drawn to the archaic qualities of the terrace architecture and it is my intention to position viewers to feel as though they have stepped into the distant past– whether meditating on 8,000 years of Chumash habitation, or the mysterious disappearance of the Mayan civilization.’



Organ Monument Oratory

April 12, 2015

Organ Monument Oratory is a series of art initiatives in development with community partners in the Organ Mountains / Desert Peaks National Monument (OMDP) of Las Cruces, NM. This rugged, iconic mountain range was declared National Conservation Lands by President Obama in 2014. The mountains are deeply embedded in the collective psyche, whether multigenerational or transplants, and are significant in their scientific, historic, and prehistoric resources. In its first phase, my project will activate hands-on learning and reflection regarding several aspects of this beloved, but often feared and misused landscape. The Nat’l Park Service and the Dept. of the Interior currently recognize Las Cruces as a national model of communities creating partnerships toward economic growth, environmental stewardship, protection and education for resources, and increasing use of Monument lands by diverse groups.

Through a multi-pronged approach, I will conduct several workshops, create site-based works in the mountains, as well as gallery and non-traditional venues for public viewing. These projects will substantiate the 2016 and 2017 anniversary celebrations of the Monument.

11/27/15 Web made of Kevlar material. Achenbach Canyon trailhead / collaboration with Shauna Foster

Achenbach Web


a common illegal dumping area, West mesa above Mesilla Dam, Las Cruces

IMG_2337web IMG_2360web
9/15 “Monumental” group show, West End Art Depot. Participants answered 100 postcards with the following 4 questions:

IMG_2158 IMG_2159

“Reach For The Living” acrylic on butcher paper, 5’x 3′ 8/15




More info on the Organ Mountains:

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LA County Civic Artists List

June 17, 2014

I was selected for LA County Civic Arts Commission’s list of Pre-qualified artists for public projects. The list is featured in the summer issue of Public Art Review magazine. There is a downloadable booklet here. Although none of my current projects are based through the County, I hope to start one in the next year or two.