Invisible Cities Workshop @SFAI

October 21, 2012

During a 3-month residency at Santa Fe Art Institute, I facilitated a 5-week sculpture workshop based on ‘Invisible Cities’ book – a set of short vignettes based on fantastic architecture, by Italo Calvino. The project was a collaboration with SFAI, DeVargas middle school 7th graders and Literature teacher Chris Slakey, and others. It was experimental project intended to expand SFAI’s Youth and Outreach program. 

In the workshop, participants made sculptures and paintings based on images from the stories. We brainstormed together over the sessions to develop an overall concept. I then framed the space of the room with local architect Amy Lin to build a path through 4 cities : Sophronia, Isaura (City of Wells), Despina, and Octavia (hanging city), for an immersive art installation / giant fort with a soundscape created by other residents at SFAI. The project was exhibited during Open Studios on December 20, 2012. 


Refoundation news

October 20, 2012

We’re working on 2013!!

Meantime, I will be presenting Refoundation at PSU’s Open Engagement social practice conference, May 18. 

Read about last summer’s project on Patricia Briggs’ Scene/Unseen blog  and 2011′s project on John Schneider’s Express article









Mobile Mural Lab : Nite Write

May 2012 : I worked with MML on their County-commissioned “Nite Write” events, gathering stories and thoughts from the public towards designing a permanent set of glow-in-the-dark murals at Dockweiller Beach. It was like Fort Hauser gave birth to 3 beach babies. Good times with the Lab!

KCET article

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House Beautiful

July 24, 2012

“Little Boxes” pool installation for group show, “House Beautiful” curated by Jane O’Neill; San Gabriel, CA


MPT All City People’s Parade + Summer of Peace workshops

July 23, 2012

I worked on a float with Milwaukee Public Theatre this summer. The float was constructed over several public workshops at the Grand Ave mall space. Its form was a tall, central Milwaukee-style cardboard house with a fleet circling it of 5 carts piled high with the home-sculptures made in the workshops. We generated a series of phrases about home through a conversation with Olu and the Safe and Sound group, an organization for homeless youth. Their thoughts were photocopied to equal a few hundred, folded like small fortunes, contained inside smaller house pieces, and passed out in poetic gesture to onlookers during the parade to the Summer of Peace.

A journal entry about a man who inadvertently summed up this summer’s themes…”He came back tonight to work on his house, without his brother and 5 nephews this time. He said he wanted to work on his house and ‘stay out of trouble.’ When I talked to him to generate some ideas about home, we agreed: “Home is Something You Work On” and “Home is Heart and Love.” He also said his house looks ‘badass.”