Organ Monument Oratory

April 12, 2015

11/27/15 Web made of Kevlar material. Achenbach Canyon trailhead / collaboration with Shauna Foster

Achenbach Web


a common illegal dumping area, West mesa above Mesilla Dam, Las Cruces

IMG_2337web IMG_2360web
9/15 “Monumental” group show, West End Art Depot. Participants answered 100 postcards with the following 4 questions:

IMG_2157 IMG_2158 IMG_2159

“Reach For The Living” acrylic on butcher paper, 5’x 3′ 8/15




3/1/2015 This April, I will travel to Las Cruces to ascend the Organ Needle summit with a group led by Search and Rescue guide, Ron Lautenbach. I will begin the process of having in-person conversations about these mountains with locals and transplants.

I will listen to people describe this emotive, rugged and mysterious mountain range, which has recently been declared a national monument. I am interested in representing personal narratives about life and death, family, the prehistoric sea floor, land use/ boundaries, flora and fauna, archaeology, folklore, military testing, and light, among broader environmental, social and political themes.

During this project, I will challenge my own physical limitations and mobility in serving as an inspired, devoted messenger. I will assimilate to this landscape by training my body for the hikes and traveling there several times from Los Angeles. During my expeditions, I will use aerial photography, performance, ritual, sculptural elements, video and sound to develop and document the stories being told. The material from my journeys will form an archive and container, with varied exhibition and print formats for an intimate selection of local voice. I hope to engage a variety of audiences and participants through this project from different walks of life such as students, environmentalists, BLM, military personnel, ranch owners, elders, archaeologists, tribal community members, and more.

More info on the Organ Mountains:

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Opposite Emotions Installation

April 11, 2015

This term I had an amazing opportunity to create an art installation with 8 girls in the elective workshop. I started from the premise that art can be a collaborative and interactive space to activate the senses, and build upon many subjects at once. I developed the curriculum with Travis Reynolds, SmartLab and Tech coordinator. The project explores the 5 themes of Perception, Energy, Light, Authority/Surveillance, and Love, loosely based on the book A Wrinkle In Time. It is the result of group visioning, community building, and incorporates elements of science, Maker technology, photography, poetry, sound, video, and sculptural treatment of space.

The project is further described here on the Turning Point blog.

LA County Civic Artists List

June 17, 2014

I was selected for LA County Civic Arts Commission’s list of Pre-qualified artists for public projects. The list is featured in the summer issue of Public Art Review magazine. There is a downloadable booklet here. Although none of my current projects are based through the County, I hope to start one in the next year or two.