I am eternally searching for a window to the ether, the unseen side of a mountain, and a temporal station. My sculptures and socially engaged projects manifest many versions of home, occurring in natural and urban outdoor spaces. My work includes site-responsive installation, sound, video, painting, photography, and performance. I coax projects into form through the stance of receptivity: to the immediate environment as well as the expression of its dwellers. We focus on aesthetics and politics of wilderness landscapes, architecture, and nondescript municipal spaces, collectively redesigning areas to represent other worlds and possibilities for social behavior.

The relationships I encounter and build through my projects are integral to the work, from passerby encountering a brightly colored fort in the middle of the street, to well-established civic entities partnering on initiatives. My practice also informs a 10-year span of teaching pedagogy exploring socially engaged art with teens. I currently design project-based, collaborative curriculums including Installation art focused on S.T.E.A.M. initiatives at Turning Point School in Culver City, to 100 magical young makers.